Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tribal Anarchism

"The matrix has you Neo"! Famous quote from a great movie! In many respects the matrix does have us. You feel it in your bones but just cant quite figure it out. We live in our capitalist society thinking that Coke or Pepsi, McDonalds or Burger King, etc... are really choices. We vote hoping that the new guy can fix what is wrong and there is always something wrong. Republican or Democrat - two sides of the same coin. We have an illusion of freedom but are we really free? Do you have, for instance, freedom of association? If you own a business can you hire whoever you want? Can you serve whatever clientele that you choose? What if you were black and only wanted to hire black employees and serve black customers? I see no problem with that but I also see no problem with white people doing the same. The Government, however, disagree. They force multiculturalism and diversity and tell us that it is our strength. They know full well that a homogeneous society is a smarter and more evolved one. Right now it is all about divide and concoure - black vs. white, Republican vs. Democrat,etc... and it gets us nowhere.

What is good for my tribe may not be good for yours and vice versa. We should have the freedom to be free and make our own choices for our own well being and future. I say that different tribes can have peace through trade and tourism and not by being forced together into a gray soup. It is time for us to turn back to our tribal religions and cultures. Let me leave you with an example, why should some fat cat in Washington D.C. be able to pass laws and dictate what a tribe of Eskimos who live in Alaska have a right to do or not do? You know they shouldn't! My tribe should not be subject either. One size fits all is a fantasy and it is time to break free from the matrix!

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